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Monday, December 17, 2018

Top 12 Latest Foods for Younger Healthy Looking Skin

Top 12 Latest Foods for Younger Healthy Looking Skin
Top 12 Latest Foods for Younger Healthy Looking Skin
The human skin or face, is in fact one of the first things people notice about themselves especially when they meet for the first time. This is so because it is what represents us everywhere we go in this life and its is also unique, therefore keeping our skin healthy and looking younger is in fact a very important task. And also we human reach a certain age where we start to worry tremendously about getting older as the case may be.

However, since the spring of youth has yet to be discovered in us, our only other option is to take care of ourselves no matter how difficult it may be, We all know that our body and our skin is really of importance to us. Nevertheless, there are many foods readily available out there that can be harmful to your outer coating which is definitely your skin. Also at the same time, certain foods out there will actually do the opposite and make your skin look younger and healthier like never before. According to a well known dermatologist, by name Leslie Baumann, MD, he said and i quote, “Good nutrition is a fundamental building block of healthy young looking  skin.” So what this is trying to say is that, eating the right kind of foods, can on the long run do wonders for your skin or outer coating. On the other hand, the natural ingredients in some of them, will also quickly speed up the pace of exfoliation. By this doing, it will in turn helps to protect our skin from harmful Ultra Violet damage which are causes for brown spots and wrinkles on the skin. These 12 foods for younger healthy looking skin are just what you need to keep your skin looking younger and healthy like never before. More also,the food can also help your skin, stay beautiful and maintain long term freshness.

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1. Bell peppers & Broccoli 

Top 12 Latest Foods for Younger Healthy Looking Skin
Bell peppers & Broccoli
The human skin building block is called the collagen, and it is the most abundant protein in the human body as well. The connective tissue substance, firmly holds the body together and also helps in suppleness, firmness and continual renewal of the human skin cells. More also, the collagen is in fact essential for the human skin elasticity. However, since Vitamin C increases the production of collagen in the human body, eating a good amount of bell peppers or broccoli will in turn help your skin stay looking younger and healthy . This will mean less fine lines around your mouth and eyes region. So eating a fair amount of either broccoli or bell peppers, may help deter age-related dryness and wrinkles of your skin. So one should eat at least a fresh cup or half (1/2) cup of cooked bell peppers or broccoli a day to keep your skin looking younger and healthy .

2. Tomatoes

Top 12 Latest Foods for Younger Healthy Looking Skin
It has been confirmed that tomatoes contain lycopene, a red carotenoid pigment, which may help maintain your skin looking smooth, young and healthy . In a research, it has been found that those human with higher concentrations of lycopene, ended up having smoother, younger and healthy skin. Also, on the other hand, eating more lycopene, can on a long run help protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. So always remember to eat tomatoes to protect your skin and also keep them healthy . It is left for you to make the choice either to  eat the tomatoes fresh or cooked. Other fruits which are also rich in lycopene are carrots, watermelon, guava and pink grapefruits.

3. Wild Salmon

Top 12 Latest Foods for Younger Healthy Looking Skin
Wild Salmon
Well, we humans are different, so some human might not be wild about a fish, but the wild salmon can in fact do wonders for the overall health of your skin. The wild salmon which is full of omega-3 fatty acids which in turn help the skin retain moisture and healthy , the wild salmon should be on your plate often as possible. So eating the wild salmon can make your skin soft and supple as the case may be. More also, the health-giving ingredients found in wild salmon, preserve your scalp’s natural oils. So for best results eat 4 to 6 ounces of wild salmon, at least 3 times a week as the case may be.

4. Romaine Lettuce

Top 12 Latest Foods for Younger Healthy Looking Skin
Romaine Lettuce

Do you want your skin to glow, look younger and healthier? Then eat some romaine lettuce as the case may be. According to a well known figure by name Lisa Drayer, RD, whom is the author of "The Beauty Diet", says the the mineral potassium in romaine lettuce “gives your skin a refreshing boost of nutrients and oxygen by improving circulation.” So eating about 6 leaves of the romaine lettuce, will go a long way to provide you with more than 100 percent of your daily value of vitamin A. However, Vitamin A rejuvenates the skin by augmenting cell turnover. Another reason to eat more romaine lettuce, is that it also activates a protein in the human body that supports vascular health. This is because 6 leaves of romaine contain about 45 percent of the daily value of vitamin K a normal human being needs.

5. Coffee 

Top 12 Latest Foods for Younger Healthy Looking Skin
Most of us especially those who work in offices love to take coffee each morning when they go to work in order to help them get through the waking up ritual of the day. However, drinking a single cup of coffee each day, may also go a long way to help keep your skin younger looking and healthier as the case may be. Also in addition, drinking coffee daily, may in fact lower your risk of developing skin cancer also. A journal of Cancer Prevention,  contained in it a study on more than 93,000 women. In that research in the journal, women who drank more caffeinated coffee, ended up reducing their risk of developing nonmelanoma skin cancer. Those women had about a 10 percent less chance than their counterparts. However, drinking decaf coffee, did not appear to have the same protection at all.

6. Strawberries 
Top 12 Latest Foods for Younger Healthy Looking Skin
Most of us indeed love strawberry fruits because they taste so good and sweet. However, since it is such a great source of vitamin C, the delicious strawberry fruit can also make your skin look younger and healthier at the same time. So eating a cup of strawberries will deliver about 150% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C which your body requires. From deterring age related dryness on your skin, down to warding off wrinkles, strawberries are your skin’s best friend.

7. Pawpaw
Top 12 Latest Foods for Younger Healthy Looking Skin
Pawpaw as it is widely known, is in fact not only very tasty to eat, but it is also great for your skin younger healthy looking feel. So, one of the major reasons for this is because the pawpaw fruit is indeed an excellent source of vitamin C. Vitamin C, as research has mainly suggests, promote the repair of DNA harmed by Ultra Violet rays. What this mean is that the antioxidant, helps protects the human body skin cells against sun damage and harmful rays such as the  Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet rays kills and damages the human DNA by breaking down the chemical bonds of human skin cells. Therefore eating pawpaw, will go a long way to provide plenty of vitamin C and thus, protection from these harmful  Ultra Violet rays. That helps to explain furthermore why so many cosmetics products found today, contain Vitamin C in them.

8. Tofu
Top 12 Latest Foods for Younger Healthy Looking Skin
Tofu may highly help in maintaining and preserving skin firming collagen in the human body. More also, other soy foods, such as the soy milk and edamame, can also greatly help in the anti-aging department of the human skin or body. Furthermore, journal have been published on a study on mice. In the research in the journal, the mice were given isoflavones, and at the same time, the mice were also exposed to burning ultraviolet radiation. So the result clearly show that mice which were fed with isoflavones, had smoother skin and fewer wrinkles on their skin , than the mice which were not given the polyphenolic compound at all. So based on the study, the researchers finally conclude and believe that isoflavones, can massively help prevent collagen breakdown in the human body, and also protecting the skin against harmful Ultra Violet rays which will in turn not keep the skin  healthy and young looking .

9. Apples 
Top 12 Latest Foods for Younger Healthy Looking Skin
A popular saying goes this way; "eating an apple a day, will keep the doctor away", if you have sincerely indulge in this act you can highly confirm it that is true. So, eating the delicious apple fruits, will not only keep the doctors away but also keep your skin glowing, healthier and looking young. Apples as a whole, mainly contain quercetin, a flavonol found in many fruits, vegetables, leaves and grains. This powerful antioxidant, furnishes plenty of protection to the human skin from the Ultra Violet burning rays. These on the other hand of course, cause and as well trigger many forms of skin cancer in human. More also, apple peels contain a lot of quercetin and fiber. On the apple peels is also where most of the vitamins are located in the fruit. That is why you should never remove the skin of apples before eating them. If you are planning to be in the sun today or any moment, aside from wearing sunscreen, make sure you eat an apple or two before hand for extra Ultra Violet Burning rays protection as the case may be.

11. Tuna

As we know, just like the wild salmon and sardines, the tuna is also highly rich in omega-3 fatty acids. So apart from keeping your skin looking younger  and healthier, the tuna can also increasingly prevent skin cancer in human. In fact one of the omega-3 fats in fatty fish which is popularly called EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), has been scientifically proven to sustain collagen. Collagen which is a fibrous protein which helps keep the human skin firm and healthy . More also dermatologist and medical doctors mostly recommend eating plenty of fatty fish each week. Nevertheless, apart from the omega-3 rich foods being great for the human skin, they are also good for the human heart and health as a whole.

11. Cocoa
Some people say that eating too much chocolate can give you acne, well is left for you to believe it or not. Nevertheless, numerous studies have confirmed it that there is no connection between eating chocolate and skin problems. Cocoa flavanols increasingly helps to improve circulation and blood flow to the scalp and other part of the human body. So eating dark chocolate, will also go a long way to deliver nutrients that enormously helps your scalp remain healthy . However, the flavonoid found in the cocoa palnt, is called epicatechin and it is capable of improving the overall health of your skin and also making your skin young and healthy . Epicatechin also increases blood through to the skin, which in turn, rapidly boosts oxygen supply and nutrients within the human body. This makes drinking or eating an epicatechin-rich cocoa beverage, essential in the human life. Furthermore study has clearly shown that, in 24 women whom were researched, reported impressive results. Thus, the women researched on who drank epicatechin-rich cocoa drinks every day for about 12 weeks, vastly improved their skin texture.

12. Sweet potatoes
Top 12 Latest Foods for Younger Healthy Looking Skin
Sweet Potatoes
It has been proven that sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, which mainly ends up destroying free radicals. This in turn, rapidly ends up preventing damages to the human skin cells. So because the human body converts the beta-carotene found in sweet potatoes to vitamin A, this process as a whole assist in fighting signs of aging in human. More also it helps to protect the human skin and keep the skin healthier and young looking . If you wish, you can also try cantaloupe, mangoes and carrots, which are also fruits that are rich in beta-carotene.

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